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Internal Auditing for ISO Standards

Although the process of getting accredited for an ISO standard fires up an organisation to put in the time and effort required, the month by month process of maintaining the system and internal auditing, can become a task that gets put off as other more urgent matters take the person’s attention.

This is where we can help by providing a dedicated experienced internal auditor on a regular basis to come in and concentrate on the ISO system, conduct the audits and keep the paperwork up to date and in line with the ISO requirements.

The auditor will report to the Senior Management or Quality Manager the results of the audits along with suggested actions where appropriate, so allowing the company’s staff to concentrate on the main thrust of the business.

This service is very cost effective and ensures that, come the External Audit, your company is ready without the last minute panic updating documents, auditing procedures and clearing of actions & non-conformances.

The objective is for the company to use these internal auditing to go UpALevel so that they continue to be more effective in all they do.

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